Brewers fall to Mariners in rematch

The Newton Brewers took to the baseball diamond for the third week on the trot to have their second match against the Plymouth Mariners. The Mariners would run out 21-7 winners at the end of the game, a brilliant day was had by all and some great baseball was played, moment of the game goes to Sam Reynolds for his honesty in the top of the 7th when he missed a tag but the umpire Tug Wilson who kindly offered to ump called him out, he put up his hands and said that he missed him and the call was over turned. Both the Brewers and Mariners had multiple hits totalling into the double digits category. the sun was beating down as the they took it in turn to try their best to get the most runs and stop the other from getting more. Max Ellis pitched a full game again and managed to keep the Mariners to just 21 runs when it could have been more, the Brewers offence was led by Julio Perez, John Hendry and Adrian Edmonds with 2 hits apiece. Matt Vernel was the most aggressive on the base path and led the team with 3 steals he accumalated through out the afternoon. The Brewers gave their all to the end to try and fight back but it was a mountain just a little too steep to climb this time around. Brewers travel all the way down to cornwall next sunday to face the Truro Claycutters. till next time dont forget to keep Swinging, Fielding, Throwing and Running and most importantly dont forget to join us next time for more Brewers Baseball.

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