Brewers fall to Mariners in their season opener.

The Newton Abbot Brewers started off their 2019 campaign with a 20-7 loss to the Plymouth Mariners.

The game got off to a bad start for the Brewers with them giving up 8 runs in the first inning alone but from there was a vast improvment, their bats started off cold but gradually heated up to the point where they had bases loaded with no outs but unfortunatley they couldnt make the most from this.

The Brewers offensive star of the game Nick Burt had a 3 hit game with one going all the way to the fence and was unlucky to not be waved all the way around the bases. Their Defensive star of the game Jono Penny made very good catches in the outfield and nice throws back into the centre of the diamond to keep the Mariners runners in check, other notable performaces were Max Ellis whom pitched 5 superb innings and John Hendry who played his first full game behind the plate blocking lots of difficult pitches and with his cannon of an arm kept the stolen bases down to a few. Every person who played was at one point or another on base for the Brewers and for a first competivite game for 4 of the Brewers players they gave it a hell of a go.

the Brewers showed off their pitching staff with starter Matt Vernal painting the corners but not getting the calls with some of Coach Julio Perez's magical curveballs coming in and bringing with it strikeouts, followed by relief pitcher Max Ellis who came into the game and pitched 5 great innings to keep the Brewers in with a chance. Overall performance of the team was very good for their first competitive game together and showed just a sliver of the team they can be if they keep working together and training hard, im sure they will be looking forward to their next game agasint the Exeter Spitfires at their home ground of Stover School on the 5th of may, till then keep swinging, fielding, throwing and running and most importantly dont forget to join us next time for more Brewers Baseball.

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